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PERFORMANCE BOOTCAMP will cater to individuals ranging from 13 years old to adults who wish to take their performance to the next level.


The class will consist of 4 phases:


Consultation (Individuals will come in and fill out a questionnaire and talk to one of our professional strength and conditioning coaches regarding goals they wish to achieve, areas they are strong in, and areas which need improvement.


Evaluation (Individuals will be tested in various strength and conditioning aspects. Various forms of VO2 max testing along with strength testing following will be implemented. These tests are designed to evaluate performance and conditioning aspects which need to be improved upon.


Design (Coaches will work to design individualised programs for members based on goals and areas which need to be improved)


Implementation (Members will follow their individualized program for up to 8 weeks working along professional coaches and trainers)


The 8 week program will focus on 4 phases:


  1.  Aerobic Conditioning 

  2.  Strength Training

  3.  Explosive Speed and Power

  4.  Power Endurance


Each phase will last about 2 weeks each. Once the program is over, members may wish to continue after taking a 2 weeks off and go into the next phase of their training.


Pricing: Special Pricing for February:


FREE Initial consultation and assessment (This will be a one hour consultation and fitness assessment, the next day the member comes in they will have a breakdown of the program specifically designed for them.



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